Case Study 1: Bathroom renovation, Lambeth, Se5, London.

In this case study, we will describe all of the tasks that were necessary to complete this bathroom renovation in Lambeth, London. The client wanted to keep the existing layout of the sanitary ware and wanted to keep the industrial style that the property already has, like visible ceiling and wall joists.

The work had to be done in a maximum of six weeks since that was the period given by the client before she could move into the property.

The project needed a project manager, a plumber, a tiler, an electrician and a painter in order to be able to execute the project in six weeks.

Once we knew the requirements for this job, we proceed to give the client a quotation, which she happily accepted, because we were not only more affordable than other companies, but because of our responsiveness and reviews from previous clients.

The client wanted a turnkey solution including the disposal of the rubbish in an approved landfill.

The client only bought the sanitary ware and tiles and we bought for her all of the building materials like timber, adhesives, pipes and cables.

The Problem:

This client contacted us because she bought a new house that was located on the ground floor.

The existing bathroom had a standard soil pipe of 110mm for the toilet, but the waste pipe for the shower, bath and basin, was connected to a macerator system that had a waste pipe of only 20mm connected to the main 110mm soil pipe.

Since the macerator was not working and the waste pipe of the macerator was only 20 mm, the shower, bath and basin were not draining and all the waste waters were released on the floorboards of the bathroom, which were rotten because of that. This caused the floor to get unlevelled and dangerous to walk over it because it could collapse any time.

The Solution:

The solution here was to remove the existing floor, remove the rotten wooden floorboards, and do again the plumbing system with a more powerful macerator with a waste pipe of 40 mm.

Since removing the floors was quite a disruptive job, the client decided to renovate the whole bathroom.

Proposed Design:

The existing bathroom had a shower tray and a very big bath that was bigger than the existing window.

She decided to install a wet room tray instead of a regular shower tray and a smaller free-standing bath.

She also wanted to have a concealed cistern for the toilet instead of the existing regular toilet. All of the sanitary ware were kept in the same position.

She wanted also to install a new underfloor heating system.


Budget for labour: 6000 GBP

Budget for materials: 4000 GBP

Total: 10.000 GBP

bathroom design

Scope of bathroom renovation:

  • Dismantle the whole existing bathroom.
  • Install new plumbing with new macerator.
  • Install new floor boards.
  • Lay underfloor heating and self leveling compound.
  • Install new floor tiles.
  • Make hole for the recessed niche on the shower’s wall.
  • Level walls.
  • Water proof walls with waterproof tile backers.
  • Install new wall tiles.
  • Install new extractor fan.
  • Second ifx of sanitary ware.
  • Fill in, painting and decorating of ceiling and walls.
  • Fill in, painting and decorating of woodwork.
  • Replace existing lights.
  • Disposal of rubbish.
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bathroom fitters london
bathroom renovation
wet room installation

Work accomplished:

The end result for this bathroom was a very functional bathroom that did not have any leaking issues and that could be used as a wet room or as a bath. The new macerator installed is very powerful and the drainage worked very fast.

The new underfloor heating kept the temperature of the bathroom very stable during the whole day.

The colour of the wall tiles and floor tiles matched perfectly the chrome finish of the taps, mixers and towel rail.

New bathroom renovation in London
bathroom refurbishment south london

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