Do you know the cost of a bathroom fitting in London? Read on to learn more!

Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom?

If so, you’re not alone. There is a lot of planning that goes into a bathroom renovation, and making an upgrade to your home is going to make a big difference to both the cost and the experience for you living there.

Some people renovate their bathrooms now that they’re going to flip their house and sell it on for more money. But other people just particularly want a renovation because their bathroom is old, tired, and hasn’t been done for awhile. If you are in London, understanding the cost of renovation is important because often London comes with a premium, but not if you’re with the right company. There was a marked uptick in bathroom renovations in London since the pandemic, with most people being at home. During the lockdown period, there were more home renovations than ever before. 

We’ve already come past that phase, but that doesn’t change the fact that the costs still may be too high. So let’s take a look at the breakdown of what a bathroom could cost you if you have the budget.

How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost?

In the UK, the average cost of a new bathroom is around £7,200.This cost is a median cost, but it can range from anywhere between £3,000 for a basic renovation up to at least £15,000 for a high end bathroom with all the premium features and finishes.

There is a lot that depends on the final bathroom cost, from the materials that you choose to the size of your bathroom and the fixtures that you want to install. 

All new bathrooms you should expect a budget and average cost of around £7,200 But as long as you make room for the price to fluctuate, you should then be able to get the bathroom of your dreams. With careful planning and a careful evaluation of both your needs and your budget, you can design a beautiful and functional bathroom within the target spending range that you have. You should always focus on the essentials that you need first, before you choose to go ahead with luxury materials and fixtures.

Factors Affecting Bathroom Renovation Costs

There are several things that can influence the total cost of your bathroom renovation project, especially in the UK. The size especially is a huge determinant of how much you will spend. Larger bathrooms will often require more materials, which will push the cost up. It can also push up the cost of fixtures as well as labour, increasing your price overall.

Smaller bathrooms, however, can be renovated for much less.

The quality of the materials and the fixtures that you choose will also impact your cost if you had a range of tiles to choose from for your flooring, but you go for the cheapest option. That means that you’re also going to be compromising on the quality that you choose as well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with opting for the high end tiles, toilets, fittings and bathtubs instead of the standard models, as long as you have it within your budget.

The complexity of the bathroom renovation is something else that you also have to consider. If your bathroom is an awkward shape, or you’re moving any plumbing lines or installing any new ventilation, you need to consider how that can affect the labour and material costs.

Location in London can also matter. The labour and material costs often tend to be higher in London and the southeast compared to other regions of the UK. And when you are renovating your London bathroom, you want to ensure that you are hiring a contractor who knows what they are doing and can attend your location. A DIY bathroom renovation can lower your cost of living, but you will then end up with a bathroom that is lower quality than what you would have paid for.

How to Reduce Your New Bathroom Costs

If a high-end bathroom renovation is not something in your budget, you can still keep your costs low without making that sacrifice on your style. Some of the things you can do include:

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