How to improve storage in a bathroom

Are you struggling to find enough space for all your bathroom essentials? It’s a common challenge that bathrooms, especially small ones, often lack sufficient storage. This article is packed with smart tips and tricks to maximise every inch of your bathroom for a tidy and clutter-free environment.

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Maximise Vertical Space

Utilise wall shelves and cabinets to store bathroom essentials, hang a storage ladder for towels, and make use of the wall above the toilet for additional storage.

Use wall shelves and cabinets

Maximising vertical space is essential for a tidy and efficient bathroom. Installing wall shelves and cabinets offers additional room to store various items without causing clutter.

  • Choose floating wall shelves to display rolled – up towels, adding both function and style to your bathroom.
  • Opt for glass-fronted cabinets to keep contents dust-free while visually expanding the space.
  • Install a tall, slim cabinet to store toiletries and cleaning supplies, making the most of narrow wall sections.
  • Consider adjustable shelving within cabinets so you can tailor the space to suit bottles of different heights.
  • Place shallow wall – mounted baskets on the inside of cabinet doors for quick access to everyday essentials.

Hang a storage ladder for towels

Hang a storage ladder for towels to save space and create a visually appealing display. Utilise the vertical space in your bathroom and maximise storage capacity by implementing this clever storage solution. Opt for a sturdy, stylish ladder that can hold multiple towels while adding a decorative element to the room.

  1. Choose a slimline wooden or metal ladder that complements your bathroom decor.
  2. Hang the ladder securely on the wall or prop it against a wall for easy access.
  3. Roll towels neatly and hang them over the rungs of the ladder to save space in your linen closet or storage cabinets.
  4. Consider using the top rungs for larger bath towels and the lower rungs for hand towels or face cloths.
  5. Position the ladder near your shower or bathtub for convenient access post – bathing.
  6. Alternatively, place the ladder near your vanity for easy towel access when getting ready in the morning.
  7. For added versatility, consider using hooks attached to the sides of the ladder to hang additional items like bathrobes or loofahs.
  8. Keep in mind that using a storage ladder not only saves space but also adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to your bathroom decor.
  9. Ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of the ladder to preserve its functionality and appearance over time.

Utilise the wall above the toilet

Make the most of the wall space above your toilet for efficient bathroom storage. Install a set of floating shelves to display decorative items while providing functional storage for toiletries and towels. Consider adding a wall-mounted cabinet with doors or open shelves to keep essential items within easy reach, such as extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or spare towels. You can also hang a combination of wicker baskets and bins to store smaller items like toiletries, bath accessories, or hair care products. Utilising this often overlooked area will help maximise your bathroom storage options.

Utilise Small Nooks and Crannies

Install corner shelves or cabinets to make use of the often overlooked small spaces in your bathroom. Utilise built-in niches in the shower or above the vanity, and hang baskets or bins on unused wall space for additional storage options.

Install corner shelves or cabinets

  • Utilising cleverly designed corner shelves or cabinets can make the most of unused corners, creating additional storage without taking up valuable floor space.
  • Corner shelves or cabinets are perfect for storing toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials, keeping them easily accessible while freeing up counter space.
  • By installing corner shelving or cabinets, you can declutter your bathroom and create a visually appealing display for decorative items, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.
  • This clever storage solution maximises vertical space in the bathroom, making it easier to keep everything neatly organised and within reach.
  • Installing corner shelves or cabinets is an effective way to optimise storage capacity without overwhelming the visual appeal of your bathroom.

Use built-in niches in the shower or above the vanity

Utilise built-in niches in the shower or above the vanity for storing toiletries and bathroom essentials.

  1. Create a designated space within the shower area to store shampoos, conditioners, and soaps for easy access while keeping surfaces clutter-free.
  2. Install built – in niches above the vanity to store items like lotions, perfumes, and daily grooming products in a visually appealing and organised manner.
  3. Consider incorporating multiple shelves within the niches to accommodate various items without taking up additional space.
  4. Utilise decorative baskets or bins within the niches to keep smaller items neatly contained and easily accessible without cluttering countertops.
  5. Opt for adjustable shelving within the niches to accommodate items of different heights and sizes efficiently.
  6. Ensure proper lighting within the niches to enhance functionality and visibility while accessing stored items.
  7. Personalise each niche with aesthetically pleasing elements such as artwork, plants, or decorative accents that complement your bathroom decor.

Hang baskets or bins on unused wall space

Maximise the use of your bathroom wall space by hanging baskets or bins. This clever storage solution helps keep items off countertops and creates additional storage opportunities in your bathroom.

  1. Use wire baskets or woven bins to store towels, toiletries, or cleaning supplies while adding a decorative touch to the room.
  2. Utilise hooks or brackets to hang the baskets or bins on unused wall space near the sink, vanity, or bathtub for easy access.
  3. Consider labelling the baskets or bins to keep items organised and easily identifiable, making it effortless to locate what you need.
  4. Make use of vertical space by hanging multiple baskets or bins in a row to create a functional yet visually appealing storage solution.
  5. You can also repurpose old crates or boxes as wall – mounted storage containers for a unique and environmentally friendly approach.

Make Use of Under-Sink Storage

Install sliding drawers, use stacking shelves and hang rods for storing cleaning supplies under the sink to maximise storage space in your bathroom. Want to learn more about maximising storage in your bathroom? Keep reading!

Install sliding drawers

  1. Utilise the depth of the cabinet effectively, allowing you to easily reach items stored at the back without any hassle.
  2. Create designated spaces for different items, helping you categorise and organise your bathroom essentials efficiently.
  3. Maximise vertical space within the cabinet, making use of every inch for optimal bathroom storage capacity.
  4. Keep cleaning supplies, toiletries, and other daily essentials neatly tucked away yet easily accessible with the convenient sliding mechanism.
  5. Upgrade your bathroom furniture with this practical addition to keep your space orderly and clutter – free.

Use stacking shelves

  • Hang rods for storing cleaning supplies
  • Utilise over-the-door storage solutions such as towel and toiletry organisers
  • Implementing clever storage solutions such as built – in shelves and vertical storage can help make the most of limited space in a bathroom

Hang rods for storing cleaning supplies

Now, in addition to utilizing stacking shelves, you can also hang rods for storing cleaning supplies. This clever storage solution keeps your bathroom organized and easily accessible. Here are some ways to effectively use hanging rods:

  1. Install a sturdy rod under the sink cabinet to hang spray bottles and cleaning cloths, maximizing under-sink space while keeping essentials within reach.
  2. Consider mounting a tension rod inside a cabinet door to hang scrub brushes and sponges, freeing up precious shelf and countertop space.
  3. Utilize wall space by fixing a rod above the washing machine or dryer for hanging laundry bags and small cleaning tools, making the most of vertical storage options.
  4. Create a designated area for drying towels by installing a rod on an empty wall or behind the bathroom door, giving towels their own spot and helping to keep them fresh between uses.
  5. Hang rods in alcoves or niches to store toilet brush holders and plungers, keeping these essential items hidden yet easily accessible when needed.


In conclusion, creative storage solutions can optimise space in a bathroom. Rolling towels and clearing countertops contribute to an organised feel. Investing in bathroom furniture and implementing built-in storage options are practical ideas for maximising space.

Clever vertical storage utilisation provides efficient storage solutions. By thinking creatively, small bathrooms can become well-organised spaces with ample storage possibilities.


1. What are some small bathroom storage solutions?

Small bathroom storage solutions include using vertical space with tall shelves, adding storage bins under the sink, and getting creative with bathroom organisation ideas like over-the-door racks.

2. How can I maximise my bathroom storage?

Maximise your bathroom storage by fitting narrow cabinets into tight spaces, using multi-purpose furniture such as shelving units with built-in baskets, and employing hooks for towels and robes to keep them handy yet tidy.

3. Are there any DIY bathroom storage hacks I can try?

Yes! Try making your own hanging baskets or repurposing spice racks as a clever way to add additional shelf space – these easy DIY bathroom storage hacks will help declutter your space instantly.

4. Can adding more shelves improve my bathroom organisation?

Definitely! Adding extra shelves above the toilet or beside the mirror provides quick access to essentials while keeping countertops clear; this helps organise items effectively in bathrooms of all sizes.

5. What kind of accessories can enhance my current bathroom storage options?

Look for stackable drawers, divider trays for drawers, magnetic strips for small metal items, and suction cup organisers that stick on tiles; these versatile accessories complement existing cabinets or shelves perfectly.

6. Is it possible to create more space without buying new furniture?

Absolutely! Start by decluttering and throwing out unused products; use wall-mounted dispensers to eliminate bottle clutter; invest in slimline units that fit snugly into corners – little changes can significantly impact making the most of available room.

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