How to plan a kitchen renovation

Kitchen fitting in London can be very exciting and daunting. As with other similar projects, you have to plan carefully and consider many factors, such as the types of fittings, the choice of kitchen fitters in London and many more.

kitchen fitting in london

Tips On How To Plan A Kitchen Fitting In LONDON

In this article, Deluxcore, one of the leading kitchen and bathroom fitters in South London, will guide you on how to plan your kitchen renovation effectively.


Hire The Right Kitchen Fitters

The most important aspect of planning for a kitchen refurbishment is getting the service of a reputable kitchen fitting company. Hiring a trusted kitchen fitting firm will ensure that all the work is done as planned and the project is completed at the right time.


Know What You Want

We provide you with a design before choosing the kitchen,the heart of the home..You must be clear about what you want before you start the renovations. You have to design it the way you want to use it, from the walls, cabinetry, tiling, doors, appliances, flooring type, cupboards, etc. Our designs will help you map out your dream kitchen in London.


Stick To A Realistic Timeline

Have a realistic timeline of what needs to be done by the kitchen fitters each day. This will simplify communication and allow the kitchen refurbishment project to go as planned.


Agree On A Budget

Agree on the budget with the kitchen installation company. This will help build trust between both parties and save time during the planning stage. If you are not sure about the cost of renovating an old kitchen, search online for useful links or contact local kitchen fitters in London


Choose A Style

You have to decide on the style depending on the building. This will influence the tiles, doors, cupboards, walls, plumbing and other appliances. You can browse kitchen fitting company websites or search Pinterest for ideas. 


Have A Good Project Manager

Project management is a key success factor for any Kitchen renovation. Speak to the project manager and request a daily update of the project. This will help you to follow up on the day to day tasks and ensure that every concern about a service is sorted out before it escalates.

Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Hiring the wrong fitters

Never hire a fitter that you are not comfortable with their services, no matter how low his estimate is or how highly recommended his service is. If you feel you can't trust them, look for another person.

Becoming the Fitter

Kitchen renovation is one of the most costly, time-consuming projects you will ever undertake in your house, so you need the service of experts during the planning and renovation stage.


If you keep changing your mind, you will get distracted by the goal. You have to do away with regrets, avoid as uch as possible re-rendering and re-configurations if you want the renovation to be completed on time.

kitchen fitting in london

Deluxcore... Your Ideal Kitchen Fitters in London

Deluxcore is a leading kitchen and bathroom fitters based in South London. We offer a diverse range of services including Kitchen fittings and design, new bathroom fittings and design and home decoration and painting.

Our Kitchen fitters in London will assist you in planning for the renovation of your kitchen. We can also help you transform your bathrooms and help with decorating and painting your building. We pay attention to detail and you are guaranteed a professional service.

Why Choose Us as your Kitchen and Bathroom fitters in South London?


Let Us Transform Your Kitchen And Bathroom For You!

Kitchen renovation is an important project. This is why you need to hire a reputable firm to assist you in the services of planning and executing the refurbishment. 

You need to plan every aspect of the renovation from what appliance to install, the type of wall, the plumbing, the tiling, the floor work, the quality of doors to be installed and many more.

Deluxcore is a south London based construction firm that can take this burden off you. We have been in this business for over 20 years and have worked for different customers across many sites from residential houses to office space, helping them to transform their kitchens and bathrooms to their dream styles.

Contact us today by calling on 02 080 587508 or by sending an email to to get a taste of our services.


The average cost of renovating a new kitchen in London is £8000. The price of materials ranges between £5000 and £14000 depending on the size of the kitchen, the style of the worktops and other factors. 

Ideally, it should cost you between £10000 to £20000 for an averagely-sized quality kitchen depending on the space and other factors.

This will depend on your need. Look around your kitchen and tell us what you want to achieve and our professionals in the business can help in tasks such as

  • Tiling
  • Decorating 
  • Flooring 
  • Kitchen cabinet and cupboards installation
  • Resurfacing of Cabinets and cupboards and other services
  • Installation of major appliances.
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical 

Yes, one advantage of working with us is that we work with reputable vendors to supply all the materials needed for your renovation. We make sure that these materials supplied are exactly what you need and that they are of a high standard.