The fact is, decorating a home can be very daunting and at the same time interesting. You have a lot of decisions from wall painting, home furnishing and the choice of painting and decorating accessories.

However, the good news is that you are not alone in your dream to transform your space. There are many London painters and decorators who have done what you are trying to achieve and they are ready to share with you some tips to assist you.

Whether you are doing a small room makeover or handling a full residential or commercial painting and decorating project, you will surely find these tips very helpful

Don't go shopping in panic

Avoid shopping in panic just because you have an empty room, it will likely lead you to make poor choices.

For instance, you may need a couch but if you rush to the store and buy a purple sofa just because you liked it without taking measurements or considering other decorating accessories, you may come to realise that the sofa is not the size for the room or that the colour doesn’t complement the rest of the room and this will make the room look awkward.

Work with measurement

Matching the size of your furniture to the size of the room is very important if you want complete customer satisfaction.

Before you start decorating, take the measurement of the length, width and height of the room. Also take measurement of any elements that can cause obstructions such as stairs, radiators and columns and lastly take measurement of window openings. This will help us minimise errors when selecting materials and enable you to deliver an excellent job.

Develop a Floor Plan

A floor plan enables you to have a holistic view of the entire room. Every decorating job should start with a floor plan. While some decorators use pen and paper to craft simple floor plans, some prefer using sophisticated software like AutoCAD for crafting 3D floor plans.

There is other simpler software that you can also explore to assist you in this task. They include Floor Plan creators, magicplan, etc.

With a floor plan, you can start experimenting on where to place a piece of furniture and other decorating accessories.

Settle on a style

This is perhaps the hardest part of a painter and decorator job. The fact is there is no right or wrong answer, you just have to decide on how you want to leave. Some people prefer the traditional style while others settle for the modern style.

You have to decide on what style you want to go for based on factors such as how many people will live there, how many children will live there, what will the room be used for? For instance, a room for working should not be decorated the same way as a bedroom.

Study the experts

There are many books, magazines and websites that give you the opportunity to learn from experts and sharpen your personal skills. Some of them are Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz. Study the styles there and choose the ones that appeal most to you.

Once you have figured out what you like, study the details, see where colours were used successfully or not, see where solids were used versus where patterns were used. All these will help you to make better choices from the types of furniture to buy to the design and pattern of your painting and tiles.

Allow Space for people to move around

When placing your furniture, create enough space for people to move around. Your furniture should not be placed in a way that obstructs traffic.

When you arrange your room in such a way that creates room for people to move around freely, the room feels more comfortable.

Experts recommend leaving a 4 ft wide space between large furniture for people to walk around and 14 to 16 inches space between smaller furniture.

Decorate your Ceiling

Many decorators often focus more on the walls and floors. However, the ceiling deserves some attention if you want to do a brilliant job.

There are many ways you can add style to your ceiling. You can decide to use wallpaper or a dramatic paint colour; any of these will surely make a statement.

Stay away from trend

While it may be tempting to do exactly what others are doing, the best way to approach any decorating job is to focus on what you love and not what other people love.

Your goal as a decorator should be to keep it simple and decorate with materials that you love, you will be amazed at the outcome.

Have a budget

Working with a budget will save you a lot of stress in the long run. For instance, if you spend the bulk of your budget on a couch, you will be left with less funds to fund other aspects of the decoration which will affect the quality of your delivery.

Divide the project into phases

The best way to approach your decorating job is to divide it into phases. For instance, painting your ceiling, finishing your drywall or working on your hardwood floor are all messy jobs, so it is best you complete them before installing the furniture.

After installing the furniture, conclude with installing the textiles and other decor accessories.

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